Immerse Yourself in Music

What if we could bring music to life or navigate an imaginary universe while being transported by a musical composition of one of our favorite artists? Even better: be transported virtually into the imagination of the composers and artists who make us vibrate? This is exactly what the new Asteria experience offers; a true musical journey, in virtual reality mode, through the world of several of our favorite songwriters. Presented in many cities in Quebec as early as November 2020, Asteria offers a unique chance to discover the immersive and exhilarating worlds of Alexandra Stréliski, Vincent Vallières, Dominique Fils-Aimé, Daniel Bélanger and FouKi.

Asteria : The Experience is now available on Steam

With Asteria, the viewer is immersed in a hybrid experience between listening to music and exploring a world, unique to each artist through virtual reality headsets. Created by Noisy Head Studio, The Fury Studio and La maison fauve, the intention behind the new project is to bring together the music loved by the public in a dynamic and modern visual content so that everything is in symbiosis; a perfect virtual mix that creates an experience filled with emotion. To achieve an immersive and unique result, Asteria makes it possible to experience a new reality by using both real images of artists shot with 360-degree cameras as well as new content produced by specialists in motion design and 3D animation. A spatialized and ambiophonic sound environment envelops the whole to promote a striking musical journey.

“The cultural sector has had to innovate and think differently in times of pandemic. It is in this context that we looked, with the teams of The Fury and NoisyHead, on a way of bringing music to life in a different way. We want to maintain contact between the artist, the performance hall and the public. Asteria is the result of this reflection, it is an innovative way of presenting both art and technology. This new type of musical experience had to remain relevant and complementary to the live performance once it returned to normal. It is therefore with great excitement that we are announcing today this ambitious project, made possible thanks to the support of SODEC. »- Catherine Simard, La maison fauve

Asteria has been presented in November 2020 in several cities across Quebec including Montreal, Quebec, Saint-Jérôme, Joliette, Sherbrooke, Terrebonne, Drummondville, Saint-Hyacinthe, L’Assomption, Sorel and Saguenay.